Sports Sandwich! Hypnotherapy, The Pain Killer and Sports Massage!

On this Sports Sandwich we covered Hypnotherapy, The Pain Killer and Sports Massage amongst other sporting information. To listen again to the show, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Sue Starr is a Hynotherapist working at Chase Health Club Spa. She works with all sorts of people for various things including weight loss, smoking, phobias and much more. Her facebook page can be accessed by going to

Sports massage can be a preventative measure as well as a point specific and bespoke treatment to aid and speed up recovery time from injury and muscle fatigue.
Increases blood flow by creating blood vessel dilatation, promoting increase in circulation, drawing in an increase in oxygen and nutrients and help removing waste products.
It decreases tension while promoting muscle relaxation and increasing soft tissue function.For more information call the
Nicky Snazell Pain Relief Clinic on 01889 881488 or email on For more information you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nicky has an international client base with patients travelling from every corner of the UK, Europe, the Caribbean, plus the Middle and Far East.

Nicky Snazell is one of only a few practitioners globally to have attained the highest level in GunnIMS. She was also the first practitioner in the world to be awarded a Fellowship of the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain by Professor Gunn, in recognition of her extensive knowledge, outstanding contribution and expert teaching abilities in GunnIMS.

Her extensive use of GunnIMS over many years has finely honed her skills and led her to earn an international reputation for treating complex neuropathic problems. She has had referrals from as far as Sydney, Australia and patients from the Middle and Far East, Europe, USA, the Caribbean and from the four corners of the UK. She is an international lecturer and teaches physiotherapists, GP’s and surgeons.

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