Single in Stafford! More Dating Stories!!!


Hi All,

If you have been following my blog you will know that we have been discussing dating dilemmas, stories and tips and we have an overwhelming surge of new stories and dilemmas to post.

The following are some stories from anonymous blogger Blondebombshell

‘I actually have a few stories to tell, the main ones being….

This┬átime I had started the juice diet so didn’t have a thing to eat and didn’t realise it wasn’t a great idea to have a couple of glasses of wine…had to virtually run away as the guy tried to kiss me cos was going to be sick, serious drunk spinners…

I met another guy on a night out we went for dinner he was 40 and professional so I had high hopes, he spent dinner talking about getting on it and his Mdma habit and got really annoyed when I wanted to leave before desert!

I met a guy on tinder who had used the classic pics from 20 years ago I literally walked past him in Starbucks and he had to shout me back very cringey half an hour coffee!’

As usual guys, if you are meeting people before you know them properly… Please always take your personal safety as top priority.

Coming soon… Who is to blame when it comes to infidelity?