Eric Robins’ Predictions Fund Raiser Update

With our league season now being quite uncertain, Eric Robins wanted to update the fans regarding his latest fund raiser.  This is one more episode in Eric’s long history of raising thousands for The Boro!

“I thought now that we have entered 2021 and the season is on hold it would be an appropriate time to update my sponsors on the current scores because if, as is likely, the season does not resume the final result of my competition will be as it stands at present.

I would like to thank the 33 entrants and 27 donors who at £5 each enabled me to raise £300 for Stafford Rangers.  Your support is greatly appreciated by myself and the directors.  Thanks also go to our chairman John Bromley and another sponsor who donated the £150 prize money.

The league table as it stands would mean I have one outright winner on 16 pts. The remaining details are as follows;- 3 on 15, 8 on 14, 7 on 13, 7 on 12, 3 on 11, 3 on 10 and 1 on 6.

As soon as the season is officially terminated full details will be posted on the club’s official website and the lucky winner presented with £150.  In the meantime if any of my 33 entrants would like to know their current points score they can contact me on 01785 600231.

Best Wishes & Up The Boro!

Eric Robins.