Police  knife crime week of action

Police knife crime week of action

An ongoing knife crime campaign rolled out by Staffordshire Police and partners last week has resulted in knives being seized and anti-knife messaging reaching thousands of people in Staffordshire.

The latest week-long campaign began on Monday 15 November and ran until 21 November. Knife amnesty bins were available for the safe disposal of knives  and 60 knives were handed in.

Officers and police community support officers attended community meetings and education events to encourage conversations about the dangers of carrying a knife and provided leaflets for families so they know what to do if they are concerned about their child being involved in knife crime. Talks around knife crime were delivered to school pupils by officers and letters were also sent by schools to parents to encourage them to have discussions around knife crime with their children.

Between November 2020 – October 2021, there were 677 knife crimes. This is a seven per cent reduction (-48) compared to pre-Covid. More serious violence knife crime has also reduced by 10% (24 less crimes than last 12 months).

Visit the dedicated webpage for more information on the campaign and details of the help and support available: www.staffordshire.police.uk/ditchtheblade

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