Hospital Radio Stafford is 50 years old

Hospital Radio Stafford is 50 years old

To celebrate this incredible achievement, HRS will be broadcasting 50 hours of non-stop live programming to lead up to the exact time fifty years ago that the station began broadcasting. The event will take place from 9am on the 15th January to 11am on the 17th January.

Presenters from the station will  come together to celebrate the legacy left behind by those early pioneers and all that have broadcasted or volunteered their time, past, present and future to the continued success of Hospital Radio Stafford.

Included in these early celebrations,  Life Vice-President Art Field who first broadcast during that first week of existence and continues to this day will broadcast the same playlist that was played on “Art and all that Jazz”. Art has broadcast continuously and is a founder member and still broadcasts to this day

HRS is entirely funded and staffed by volunteers and solely reliant of donations and fundraising to cover our running costs and operational expenses.  The aim this year is to raise money to put towards the 50th Anniversary project which is the refurbishment of the Armand Chatfield studio.

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