Beaconside Student Halls to be Converted to House People Seeking Asylum

Beaconside Student Halls to be Converted to House People Seeking Asylum

Serco are moving forward with their planning application to change the use of New Beacon Campus, Weston Road, Stafford, from student accommodation to residential accommodation for people seeking asylum.

The site currently comprises accommodation for up to 556 students, with the proposed development comprising of 481 bedspaces; of these, 171 will be for Initial Accommodation and 310 will be for Dispersed Accommodation

A report within the application specifically looked at transport and facilities within the area. 19 local facilities were located within 2km of the site which led the report to conclude that the site is suitably located for accessing a range of facilities on foot.

Each resident will be provided with a travel pack which will contain information about the modes of transport which are available for journeys to and from the site. The information packs will include public transport and sustainable travel information about services and routes within the Stafford area. The packs will make residents aware of transport provision which are available to the nearest, local shops, health and leisure facilities, bus stops, rail station and nearby employment areas for those applicable. The packs will also include maps giving details of safe pedestrian and cycle routes to and from the site, together with fare, contact and timetable information for public transport services

The proposed changing of the facility has raised a number of concerns with some local residents. Initial consultation on the project with residents in the nearby area saw 13 comments submitted, with 12 objecting and 1 in support. The issue has also been debated across social media since the proposal was put forward. You can add your comments of support or concern on the planning application website: 22/35765/FUL | Change of use from student accommodation to asylum seeker accommodation | Former University Halls Of Residence Stafford Education And Enterprise Park Weston Road Stafford Staffordshire ST18 0AB (

We have attached some videos for people who would like to learn more about people seeking asylum and why they might end up in Stafford.


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