Stafford In The World – B101.5 Stafford County USA Link

Stafford In The World – B101.5 Stafford County USA Link

As part of the Stafford In The World Celebrations, Stafford FM linked up with a radio station in Stafford County USA. Stafford County is located in Virginia and is about 1 hour south of Washing DC

Its population is 156,000 compared to Stafford UK which is around 71,000. With being so close to Washing DC and Richmond the town is very much a commuter town similar to the UK.

Ted Schubel broadcasts on the morning show on B101.5 which is a popular music radio station that broadcasts from South Stafford.

Stafford County’s industry and resources were important to the colony and early nation. During the Revolutionary War, the Stafford ironworks furnished arms for the colonial rebel soldiers. Aquia Creek sandstone, quarried from Government Island, was used to build the White House and the U.S. Capitol.

During the American Civil War, the county was part of the battlegrounds, occupied repeatedly by more than 100,000 troops for several years. In 1862, before and after the Battle of Fredericksburg, some 10,000 African-American slaves left area plantations and city households to cross the Rappahannock River, reaching the Union lines and gaining freedom. This exodus and Trail of Freedom is commemorated by historical markers on both sides of the river, in Fredericksburg and in Stafford County. The Battle of Aquia Creek took place in the Aquia Harbour area. Both the Union Army and Confederate Army struggled to control the strategic Potomac Creek Bridge at various times during the war.

George Washington spent much of his childhood in the lower part of the county at his family’s home Ferry Farm (which at the time was part of King George County), along the Rappahannock River across from Fredericksburg. Colonial Forge High School was built on a tract of land owned in colonial times by his father Augustine Washington. George Mason, another Founding Father, also lived in Stafford.



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