Stafford Station Gateway Project – Your Views Are Wanted

Stafford Station Gateway Project – Your Views Are Wanted

Residents and businesses across Stafford are being asked for their views on plans to deliver new homes, businesses, hotel, and leisure facilities in the town. 

The Stafford Station Gateway masterplan will focus on brownfield land around the railway station. The project would see the ‘Station Gateway’ become a thriving active community, boosted by the town’s location at the heart of the proposed HS2 route. 

The vision set out in the plan states ‘By 2040 Stafford Station Gateway will be a thriving, vibrant new community within Stafford Town Centre where people want to live, work and visit, conveniently connected to Stafford Railway Station, and providing access to Staffordshire, the Midlands and beyond.

Stafford Station Gateway will sustainably connect existing and emerging communities to the west, with the town centre and railway station, and provide high-quality amenities, workspaces and active green and blue spaces and public realm to deliver an exemplar low-carbon development for Stafford. This will provide a very different, yet complementary offer, to the housing sites that have been developed in and around the town over recent years and provide a link to and from them.

By providing this variation, the Gateway will draw new people into Stafford, appealing to families and young professionals, businesses and occupiers, seeking to benefit from the connectivity of the place, but also from the vibrancy and amenity on offer, which in turn will encourage innovation and creativity’

Consultation with the community will begin on Thursday 18 August lasting for six weeks, with residents and local stakeholders invited to have their say via in person pop-up events and online. Once all community feedback has been factored into the plans, the masterplan will be submitted to the council for final approval. The search for development partners to deliver the proposals will follow council approval of the plans.  

Nick Smithson, senior development manager at LCR, said: “As a town with a proud and rich history, Stafford has witnessed its fair share of transformations over the years. The exciting masterplan for the Station Gateway represents another positive evolution as the town cements its place as a key hub in the Midlands.  

“Delivering high-quality housing and the amenities to match is one of the core mandates of levelling-up, and the masterplan highlights the untapped opportunity that exists on land around our railway stations, which is typically unloved, under-developed and perceived as too difficult to transform. 

You can read the draft here

The community is invited to view the masterplan and have their say here: 

One thought on “Stafford Station Gateway Project – Your Views Are Wanted

  1. For all the hype and honeyed words, this is just another ‘development’ on land that has become surplus to requirements as the town itself has lost status, and now as a dormitory, Stafford is not ‘at the heart of the HS2 route’ which bypasses it, at the expense of the countryside. This development will add to the number of people living and working around the town, and using the roads, but will not solve the problem of how to revive the town itself, which has been compounded by poor decisions regarding access and parking, siting of too many ‘supermarkets’, abandoning central council offices, and attempting to move the town centre.

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