Alton Towers Announce Nemesis Closure

Alton Towers Announce Nemesis Closure

Alton Towers have just announced on their social media pages that one of their best-loved rides Nemesis is closing

This post is a little naughty as indeed the ride is closing at the end of this season, however, it won’t be closed forever.

Nemesis has reached the end of its life after it opened in 1994, but Alton Towers have committed to the future of the ride by putting in a planning application earlier this year for the ride to be re-tracked.

The ride is a Steel Inverted B&M coaster designed by Werner Stengel and John Wardley and is located in the Forbidden Valley area of the park, during it’s development the ride was known as Secret Weapon 3. (This is a common codename system used by Alton Towers for their new rides)

Nemesis is expected to be closed for the entire 2023 season whilst this work takes place. There will be no changes to the coaster at all apart from minor theming restorations.

Photo taken 16/09/2022 by Paul Milgate-Scarrott 

The main change is that the roller coaster’s track will be filled with sand to dampen the coaster’s famous ROAR! This is likely due to noise complaints from the nearby village

Other repair work includes

89 of the 117 supports will be replaced
Removal of 636 bolts, which will be replaced and re-grouted
Minor maintenance to the theming and buildings, as required

I doubt we will see a return to the blood-red water that used to drip down the queue line into the pool below the loop.

Despite the roller coaster’s age, Nemesis is consistently featured in the top roller coasters around the world and is frequently noted as of the best in the UK. It’s great to hear it won’t be closed forever, and we will get to enjoy Nemesis for many more years to come!

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