Stafford’s Santa Sleigh Tour 2022 Locations

Stafford’s Santa Sleigh Tour 2022 Locations

Santa has taken time out of his busy schedule to join up with the Rotary Club of Stafford Castle and visit as many people as he can.

We have drawn up a very rough (just to give you an idea) of where Santa will be, you will find the full list of roads below. The road tours will start at 5:30 pm, it is not possible to give accurate times of where Santa will be. You will need to listen out for the music!

Zoom in and click each area for a detailed list of streets

Saturday 3rd Outside Swan Hotel – 10 am to 4 30 pm

Saturday 3rd Bodmin Shops – 5 pm to 6 pm

Monday 5th Burton Manor/Moss Pit/Exeter Street
John Amery Drive, Uplands Road, Burton Manor Road, Shannon Road, Burton Manor Road, Hearn Court, John Amery Drive, Merry Road, Hesketh Road, John Amery Drive, Southfields Road, Oxbarn Road, John Amery Drive, Manor Farm Crescent, Churchill Way, Nelson Way, Springfield Drive, Churchill Way – Junction with A449, Heenan Grove, Reason Road, Penkvale Road, Rickerscote Road, School Lane, St Peters Gardens, Rickescote Road, Exeter Street, Sidney Avenue.

Wednesday 7th Holmcroft Area
Alliance Street, Pitt Street, Charles Cotton Street, Young Avenue, Second Avenue, Clare Road, Hawke Road, Craddock Road, Sayers Road, Woodlands Road, Hurlingham Road, First Avenue, Crab Lane, Trinity Gorse, Crab Lane, Manor Grove, Creswell Farm Drive, Bromstead Crescent.

Thursday 8th Oxford Gardens Area
Charnley Road, Coronation Road, Fonthill Road, Chesham Road, Oxford Gardens, Bertelin Road, Sandon Road, Peel Terrace, Victoria Terrace.

Saturday 10th Outside Swan Hotel – 10 am to 4 30 pm

Sunday 11th Highfields/Meadowcroft
Sundown Drive, Somerset Road, Tennyson Road, Coleridge Drive, Wordsworth Avenue, Dryden Crescent, Masefield Drive, Milton Grove, Whittingham Drive, Belfort Way, Tarragona Drive, Tyria Way, Washington Drive, Lion Way, Virginia Avenue, Batholdi Way, Daurada Drive, Savoureuse Drive, Landstone Road.

Monday 12th Parkside/Marston Grange/Salt
Parkside Avenue Ring Road, Bradshaw Way, Fairoak, Elmhurst, Newbold Drive, Deere Furrow, Patterson Drive, Till View, Jefferson Walk, Salt Village.

Wednesday 14th Baswich/Saxon Fields
Lynton Avenue, Bodmin Avenue Dawlish Avenue, Hartland Avenue, Braunton Avenue, Widdecombe Avenue, Torrington Avenue, Babbacombe Avenue, Porlock Avenue, Bideford Avenue, Yelverton Avenue, Compton Road, Burford Road, Whitney Road, Shipston Road, Cornwall Drive, Redruth Drive, Penzance Way, Truro Way, Balmoral Road, Ascot Road, Osborne Crescent, Sandringham Rise.

Thursday 15th Wildwood/Church View/St Marys Gate
Lansdowne Way, Woodley’s Crescent, The Bramblings, Wildwood Drive, Barnfield Way, Wildwood Drive, Ravenswood, Silvethorn Way, Audlum Road, Bayswater Square, Avondale Circle, Dewsbury Crescent, Alcester Row.

Saturday 17th Outside Swan Hotel – 10 am to 4 30 pm

Sunday 18th Baswich Grange/Hillcroft Park/Bluebell Hollow
Sergeant Way, Clevedon Avenue, Brean Drive, Mendip Avenue, Winsford Crescent, Selworthy Drive, Silvester Way, Mendip Avenue, Greenfield Road, Oakridge Way, Old Croft Road, Bluebell Hollow.

Monday 19th Beaconside
Borona Way, Maresfield Drive, Banner Walk, Nimrod Avenue, Javelin Crescent, Barras Park, Campbell Place, Harewoodcroft, Gladstone Way, Carins Drive, Melbourne Crescent.

Thursday 22nd Doxey
Mahogany Drive, Reed Drive, The Crescent, Doxey Road, The Drive, Bradbury Rise, Conway Road, Fern Drive, Greensome Crescent, Sandpiper Drive, Lapwing Place, Teal Walk.

Saturday 24th ASDA – 7 am to 10 am

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