School closures + Term dates

Stafford School Closures and Half Term Dates:

Is the weather bad today?

Are rumours circulating on social media that your school or your child’s school is closed?

Headteachers across Stafford have access to update the list below in real time, allowing parents to get up to date information on their child’s school in the quickest way possible. If your school is not listed below it means that the school’s Headteacher has not reported the closure.  It does not necessarily mean the school is open.

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Stafford School Half Term and Holiday days:

Did you lose the letter telling you about this years holiday dates for Stafford schools or has it turned to mush along with the rotting apple in the bottom of your child’s bag?

Never fear here is the list of school holiday and half term dates for Stafford school for 2018 through until 2021! So you can start planning that holiday to Disney land now (or a half term in Llandudno is great as well!)

Autumn Term 2021

Inset day: Tuesday 1 September

Term starts: Wednesday 2 September

Half term: Monday 25 October – Friday 29 October

Term ends: Friday 17 December

Holiday: Monday 20 December – Monday 3 January

Spring Term 2022

Term starts: Tuesday 4 January

Half term: Monday 21 February – Friday 25 February

Term ends: Friday 8 April

Holiday: Monday 11 April – Friday 22 April

Easter Sunday: Sunday 17 April

Summer Term 2022

Term starts: Monday 25 April

May Day: Monday 2 May

Half term: Monday 30 May – Friday 3 June

Term ends: Wednesday 20 July

Holiday: Thursday 21 July – Friday 2 August

The previously published last day of term for 2022 was 21 July 2022. This has been altered to 20 July 2022 to take into account the celebrations for the Queens Jubilee.

Academies, free schools, foundation schools and voluntary aided schools

The dates above only apply to community, voluntary controlled, community special and maintained nursery schools in Staffordshire.

Other types of schools have freedom over their school terms and holiday dates.

They are encouraged to accept the dates set by Staffordshire County Council but they are not required to. You should contact your school for confirmation of term dates.

Please note all above information is provided by Staffordshire County Council. It is recommended you always check directly with the school to confirm if you are unsure